COVID safe Journey from Kochi |Travel destinations you can visit from Kochi|Corona free places to visit |Europe tours from Kochi

COVID safe Journey from Kochi

COVID safe Journey from Kochi! Now that the aviation industry is mulling to open up international travel by as early as the month-end, there is still some hope. Yet the big question is: How to fly safely?

COVID safe Journey from Kochi

Considering frequent city travelers were left in the lurch

when the nearly three-month travel ban rudely disrupted their annual holiday plans.

Now that the aviation industry is mulling to open up international travel by as early as the month-end, there is still some hope. Yet the big question is: How to fly safely?

Although some countries have built exclusive ‘travel bubbles’ and ‘corona corridors’ to give tourists entry, others are grappling with lucrative offers and freebies for the attention of the traveller.

Last week, Norway and Denmark declared that they will allow travel between the two nations, and the three Baltic states – Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia – have also allowed the same. Also on the cards is a South Pacific bubble with the Fiji leading the chase. The island nation has declared it is fully free from coronavirus.

Other Pacific nations like Vanuatu, Tonga, Samoa, the Cook Islands and New Caledonia are also inching towards a complete revival.

COVID safe Journey from Kochi

What’s winning the day for many vacation planners though is the freebies on offer

. China, Italy and the UK are giving visitors money for domestic travel. It remains to be seen how this applies to foreign travelers. Several private hospitality players in Las Vegas and Cancún, Mexico — known for their beautiful beaches — offer partly paid stays, in addition to free car rentals. In Sicily, a $90-million program has been set up by the regional government

to cover subsidized transportation, lodging, and free access to tourist sites.

Five of Europe’s best places to fly, as their borders open on 1 July


No quarantine  

Being one of the least affected countries in the world by coronavirus,

it earns big brownie points. Tbilisi’s Georgian capital is an perfect destination for architecture, music, gastronomy, diversity and. In addition to boutique hotels and guesthouses, the town also has a wide range of tourist apartments that can offer more personalized security.


Certificate of Health required

Beloved by history lovers, Austria has as many as 10 times fewer people infected. Vienna, the most popular travel destination, offers Europe’s highest quality of life. Ideal for lovers of nature,

and the Christmas markets are ranked among the best in Europe.


No quarantine  

Croatia has up to 20 times fewer people per million who are sick. This Southeast European country boasts a wide variety of private villas, tourist apartments and small family hotels and is popular with fans of gastronomy, culture, nature and water sports. The fact it’s not overcrowded is also a winner.

COVID safe Journey from Kochi


No quarantine  

The Southwestern European nation has been spared with almost corona-free areas such as the Algarve, the Lagos and the Alentejo. The nation is an elegant getaway, from the beaches surrounded by golden cliffs and warm waters to traditional architecture. Private rooms again make it more attractive to visitors.


Partial quarantine

One of Europe’s healthier nations, Greece has up to 50 times fewer infected people than any other European country. Many will have to either go through the Covid-19 testor quarantine, except for the visitors from those pre-designated countries.

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